Mekonimex is located in Can Tho city, the largest trading center of the Mekong Delta – a fertile land enriched by alluvial sediment of the Mekong River every year and endowed with the harmony of the tropical monsoon climate and a rich source of pure water to create rice grains with natural aroma and sweet taste peculiar to the Southern region.

Rice grains are purchased directly from farmers, undergo a rigorous testing procedure, and are finished through a closed process from milling to packaging in order to bring quality products of international standards to customers. Moreover, the company’s rice products are purchased in large quantities to ensure competitive prices and meet our partners’ need for optimal production costs. With many years of logistic experience in the food industry, we are committed to ensuring quality, quantity and timely delivery.

With professional service, we always understand the needs of our customers in terms of packaging design, rice bags, and rice quality so that we can suit each client’s particular needs.


5% broken rice

25% broken rice

5% broken Jasmine rice

Taiwan aromatic rice 8

Japonica rice

Broken rice for export


The company has a team in charge of strict inspection of the quality of input and output goods, following the procedure for assuring quality standards of food exports. In addition, the company also has a sample storage room responsible for analyzing the shape, taste, smell and color of rice to ensure the best quality of rice provided to customers.
The product quality control department is equipped with the most advanced equipment including moisture meter, rice brokenness and purity analyzer, and automatic balancers to ensure adequate weight of bags according to regulations.


The system of drying, husking, milling, polishing, color separation, packing, etc. is operated by processing machines supplied by the international leading manufacturers.


The company has a storage capacity of 15,000 tons.



  • Supplying rice for collective kitchens and industrial zones.
  • Supplying raw materials for breweries and factories of vermicelli, cakes, flour and other products made from rice. This type of rice is processed through a special process, with strict control of food safety and hygiene. The rice must be evaluated by customers who also choose suppliers according to a coherent procedure.
  • Wholesaling rice directly to agents and distributors in the provinces of the Mekong Delta, the Southeast region, Ho Chi Minh City, etc


  • Mekoimex’s products have been exported to more than 40 countries around the world such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Singapore, Hongkong, etc. The products are known for credibility and well received by customers who appreciate their good quality. With these achievements being a springboard, Mekoimex has made constant efforts to expand the market to many other countries around the world.